Tiger Year Chinese Zodiac 2010

In the previous post, the feng shui aspect of the year of the Metal Tiger was explained by prominent feng shui masters. In the Malay Mail a few days ago, feng shui master Joey Yap revealed what the Tiger year means to you according to the Chinese zodiac. According to master Joey Yap, it will be a good year for those born in the year the Tiger, Rabbit, Snake, Horse, Goat, Rooster, Pig and OX. However, for people born under the zodiac signs of the Dragon, Monkey, Dog and Rat, it seems that the year of the Tiger will bring some challenges.

Listen to master Joey Yap on BFM 89.9 as he predicts what to expect in the Tiger year:

Listen also to what BFM 89.9 CLSA's Feng Shui Index Report says:

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