Tiger Tiger 2010 Feng Shui Tips

This year marks the year of the metal tiger in the Chinese zodiac. Some businesses are doing a roaring trade in tiger trinkets and merchandise. I predict a sharp surge in the sale of cats in pet shops similar to that of dogs during the dog year a few years back.

From the feng Shui point of view, this year of the metal tiger (also called the golden tiger), seems good.

Feng shui grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai told the Star recently, that the Metal Tiger ushers in a year of good prospects. It is a year of “thunder-fire abundance.

Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai, one of Asia's top feng shui master, says thunder signifies prosperity and progressiveness, while fire symbolises brightness.

Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai's son, Yap Boh Chu explained that the Golden Tiger years bring with it a time of "greatness and abundance". As this abundance will happen as sudden as the thunder, one must thus seize the moment as it presents itself.

Yap Boh Chu also adds that the year 2010 is the culmination of past efforts. All previous efforts done will bear fruit this year, according to him.

While Yap Jr. predicts more legal suits this year, Yap Sr. explains that earth related industries, such as those in timber and plantation will do well. Yap Cheng Hai also speculates good fortune for the electronics, beauty and education industries.

Yap Boh Chu however adds that the real estate and mining industries will remain static. He predicts more natural disasters involving volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

Feng shui master Gan Wai Kwang says that earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions etc will happen sometime in April and August and among those countires to be affected are Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, South Africa, India, North-East of America, North-East of Canada, Australia, Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Feng shui master Wong Keen Ming also predicts a good finances year. But, unlike Yap Cheng Hai, he is pessimistic about the metal businesses such as those in electronics, telecommunications, banking, automobile and insurance.

Master Wong Keen Ming is more in favour of water-related businesses like shopping malls, transportation, fisheries, construction, import and export businesses, and automobile workshops as these businesses are more likely to do well.

Read also what master Joey Yap has to say about the Tiger year.

This is not a good year to get married - no fu (meaning bitter and it also means tiger in Cantonese) marriages and tiger babies says feng shui master, Yap Jr.

Chinese zodiac expert, Ruth Q. Sun says that it is more compatible for those born in the year of the Tiger to marry those born in the year of the Horse, Dragon, Dog, Rat, Ox, Rabbit, Tiger, Goat, Rooster or Boar, but never a Snake or a Monkey

Datuk David Hew, co-founder of Visiber Sdn Bhd, a numerology based services company says that says that this year presents plenty of opportunities for changes in careers and personal relationships and it is the time for taking action.

Some people say Tiger beer and Maybank are estimated to see an increase in business. Tiger Woods is so expected to make a strong comeback this year.

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heng tai said...

What about tiger shows ? heard jalan ipoh got tiger show.

coppy said...

last year i bought a feng shui fish and it didnt work.

Clifford said...

I am in insurance line. I went to see a famous fortune teller few months ago and he said that insurance line good for this year. How come the feng shui master above said insurance biz no good this year ?

snoopy boy said...

Well, I suppose astrology and superstition cannot make a worse mess us than free market liberal economics has

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