What Are You Gonna Do On Valentine's Day ?

What are you going to do on Valentine's Day ?


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Valentine's Day, whilst believed to be of controversial religious origins and not been celebrated by church service and community celebrations, has nevertheless been glorified in the commercial world.

Whatever little religious significance of Valentine's Day, has now been overshadowed by its modern meaning - dinners, flowers, chocolates, teddy bears and an assortment of other gifts.

Worldwide spending for Valentine Day is expected to cross US$50 billion this year despite the global recession.

Love and affection which are inherently human instincts have been capitalised by commerce. It has and always will be about money.

Despite this, it is interesting to note that Muslims worldwide consider Valentine's Day a Christian religious festival and are thus discouraged from celebrating it. This may be a wise move despite its reasoning.

Undeniably, when Cupid starts his annual flights, men have very little to celebrate. Less than 2 months after the Christmas holidays and New Year's Eve celebration, the romance starved male is pressured yet gain to spend money because of another commercially centred gimmick. For the Chinese male, Chap Goh Mei (Chinese Valentine's Day) is also another wallet thinning exercise, albeit smaller, and its just about a week prior to Valentine's Day. Due to the circumstances of the event, it isn't surprising why girls are more enthusiastic about Valentine's Day than guys.

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Nonetheless, over the years there is a growing trend amongst single guys and some astute lovers to boycott Valentine's Day. While attached guys cuddle their girlfriends over candlelit dinners, single guys are getting together at nightspots and massage parlours to celebrate their independence. More adventurous single males are making the most of this dubious commercial celebration by purchasing girls from China, instead of purchasing teddy bears for their potential girlfriends.

I've asked some people what they gonna do on Valentine's Day this year and these are the answers (their names have been changed for privacy):


Thomas: I will be saving money this year, so I'm going to buy my girlfriend a lottery ticket, because she's worth millions to me. It will be even better if she wins something.

Yee Cheng: I'll be redundant romantically by Valentine's Day, so I suppose it will be a non-event to me. Actually, its better getting dumped before that day. Its a strategic move for me.

Edwin: Still far ahead, not thinking about it yet. I'm sure I can find somewhere to eat. The normal stuff, right ?

Andy: As I don't have a girlfriend, I think I'll just go to some club and find a girl to be my girlfriend that night. Simple.

Wee Kiat: I've been lining up my facebook potentials. I've been working overtime on my facebook activities - hope to "kena" a nice one.

James: Normal lah, dinner with guys...then off for a "happy massage", after that, happy hours then go clubbing "cuci mata", try my luck. What's your plan ?

Chee Kien: Valentine's Day ? Work lah, when people spend money, I make money. I'm thinking of selling flowers in Bukit Bintang..for the stupid mat sallehs to buy for prostitutes. If you got money, everyday can be Valentine's Day and every girl wants to be your bunny.

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Sabrina: He better take me somewhere nice this year. I've been looking out for a nice place to spend Valentine's Day...any good suggestions ?

Linda: I'm gonna spend some time with the girls...all girls night out. Hunting for cute guys hehehe.

Swee Li: I thought of having like 6 couples for dinner at a hotel somewhere, then book a suite and gamble...or whatever...Just wanna do something different this year.

Pik Wah: Don't ask me about this la. Boring, boring, boring...Useless guys !

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So what you gonna do on Valentine's Day this year ? Please post your comments.



Horace said...

This whole valentine's day bullshit is about making money for other people. Im just going to watch a DVD at home.

tiara said...

Sigh. CNY this year clash with Valentines Day. My Bf has to go to his hometown. :(

audrey said...

Since its going to be a double celebration CNY & Valentines this year. My bf will have to make twice as romantic. lol

swee tim said...

Just broke up last week :(

Marsha M said...

i intend to do what the dogs are doing in the picture. qualify? hahahah...

Shanker said...

I am going to buy 6 packs of beer; drink beer and watch the Godfather on DVD. Did that last year too. its a kind of valentine's day routine for me. hahaha.

edmund said...

After reunion dinner me and cousins went to bukit bintang area. so many people selling flowers on the roadside but nobody buying. Well, another valentine's day gone. :)

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