China Dolls For RM50

I was talking to an aquintence yesterday and he suggested that for those who are single and have no one special to spend Valentine's Day with, there are female "tourists" from China who can be your "very short term" girlfriend for as little as RM50. Don't expect them to have Hong Kong film star looks for that budget. But if you're not fussy and don't mind married women in their 30s to 40s...I was told there are many of these Chinese MILFs waiting for you guys at the old Pudu area in Kuala Lumpur. They won't demand expensive dinners at posh hotels either - ever wlling to have wanton mee or char koay yeow with you at the hawker stalls - no hassel. Apparently their fees range from RM50 to RM150 depending on the quality, supply, demand and period of service. A "longer service contract" will cost more - just like buying a Dell computer. Hahaha. Good luck.

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