Pasar Malam - Petaling Jaya

Sunday - Taman Megah and Paramount Garden

Monday - SS2

Tuesday -
Section 17, near the International Islamic University

Wednesday - Petaling Garden and SS4C

Thursday - SS2 - Chao Yang

Friday - S
eapark and Kg Baiduri

Saturday - unknown

See also Pasar Malam - Kuala Lumpur

Guys please let me know if this list is accurate and when it needs to be updated. Post your comments.



Rauff said...

Halamak~! NOW this is what I call useful information~! Keep it up~!

chero said...

this is it!!

Anonymous said...

There is also one big and long lines of pasar malam on Saturdays in SETIA ALAM, Shah Alam (On the way to Klang/Mehru area)

Anonymous said...

Saturday - ss5 FAM

Anonymous said...

sunday tmn tun ( naza world tat side, not 1U tat side )

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