Avatar Is Overrated - The Perspective Of A Malaysian

Although critically acclaimed science fiction epic film, Avatar, broke many box office records and became the highest- grossing film of all time, I personally think this film is overrated.

Despite the brilliant 3D effect, this film lacks originality. It copied ideas from the Matrix, Pocahontas, Jurassic Park and the Lord of the Rings. This is my Malaysian perspective of the film:

The story takes place in a planet called Pandora. Pandora is somewhat like earth except that it is inhabited by strange giant flora, dinosaur-like animals, ala Jurassic Park and native blue human-like creatures called the Na'vi. The simple and peace loving Na'vi all live in their ancestral kampung which is actually a giant large tree with roots going deep into the round. Pandora is also rich in an expensive mineral called unobtanium - a natural resource highly valued by people on earth.

A corporation, based on earth, run by mat sallehs, intends to colonise Pandora and extract all the unobtanium in it without regard to the natural ecosystem of the planet. Under the pretext of helping the Na'vi natives with education, health care and technology transfer, the corporation sent a huge team of mat sallehs from earth to Pandora. Due to the large potential profits to be made in Pandora, the mat salleh team went equipped with technologically advanced weapons, machinery, vehicles, military personnel, scientists and mining experts. The Na'vi are suspicious of the mat sallehs in their planet but are in no military position to do anything.

The problem starts when the mat salleh team in Pandora discovers very large deposits of unobtanium lying beneath the Na'vi ancestral kampung - the giant tree. To mine this mineral, the mat sallehs have to vacate the Na'vi from their ancestral kampung, by all means necessary - including using force against them.

Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), a middle ranking mat salleh in the company, is specially assigned to negotiate with the Na'vi in peacefully vacating their ancestral kampung to make way for mining works to proceed. To gain their trust, Jake must first assimilate himself with the Na'vi. Jake's human body is put into a special machine which technologically transports him into a new Na'vi body- his avatar; ala the Matrix. With this procedure, Jake becomes a mat salleh with a Na'vi body. As a half human, half Na'vi, Jake then commences the diplomatic mission to compromise the Na'vi.

The hospitable Na'vi accepts Jake as a guest and progressively initiates him into their culture, after the Na'vi priestess and Queen predicts that he is "the one", ala the Matrix. Jake then inevitably falls in love with the Na'vi princess, Neytiri (Zoe Saldana), ala Pocahontas as she mentors him in the ways of the Na'vi. Before long, Jake starts to enjoy and adapt himself to the Na'vi lifestyle.

Meanwhile, Jake's mat salleh colleagues become impatient with Jake's slow diplomatic methods with the Na'vi and decide to use force against the Na'vi. When the mat sallehs attack the Na'vi ancestral kampung, Jake predictably takes the Na'vi side. Upon first appointing himself the Na'vi leader, he then unites the other Na'vi tribes and animals of Pendora in fighting against his mat salleh colleagues. In the epic battle, despite the overwhelming military odds against the Na'vi, Jake miraculously leads them to victory, ala the Lord of the Rings . Jake then marries Neytiri and becomes king of the Na'vi.

If you haven't seen the film, I've just saved you RM18. If you've already seen the film, I've now given you a new perspective to it. Maybe you should now pay me RM18. ;)

Having said all that, I'd give the film 3 stars out of 5.

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Robert Nazar said...

ROTFL I get what you mean. Yes it isn't really original but the 3D effect is fantastic. This is a milestone film.

Charles Anthony said...

Brilliant. I couldn't relate this movie to the other movies until I read this. Now it doesn't seem very extraordinary any more. Fortunately I've seen the movie before reading this.

Welcome to The Home of Life and Money, said...

James Cameron borrows from all his old movies so the plot is fairly predictable and nothing you haven't seen before i.e. Aliens, Terminator, Titanic, etc. But the effects and the look of the film are amazing and while the story is a bit ho hum its still a great experience and should be seen on the big screen to do it justice.

Isn't it great that we can all watch the same movie and have such varying opinions

Sandra said...

well, it is absolutely a great movie, but it has its share of messages. it isnt all about the 3D action and special effects, its about the love story, between two completely different beings, its about the ability to actually SEE each other, and now just judge by what is on the outside. these are extremely important messages, and if everyone could just take the time to see each other for who we are, this world would be a much better place to live in. hopefully people realize this someday, and hopefully our world will be at peace.

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