First Singapore Casino Opens - The Resorts World Sentosa

Singapore's first casino, the Resorts World Sentosa, opened for business yesterday, coinciding with the Chinese New Year - which is considered the most auspicious day in the Chinese lunar calendar.

The casino opened on Sunday at 12:18 p.m. - a symbolically lucky time for the Chinese accompanied by a traditional lion dance.

The casino's Universal Studios theme park is scheduled to be opened by April this year.

The multi billion dollar Resorts World Sentosa, built by Malaysia's Genting Group, is one of 2 casinos permitted to operate in Singapore. Singapore's other casino, the Marina Bay Sands, owned by the Las Vegas Sands, will open for business sometime in May.

To discourage Singaporeans from gambling, all Singaporeans and permanent residents must pay an admission free of SG$100 a day or SG$2,000 a year to enter the casino, but foreigners can enter free.

Resorts World Sentosa also prohibits those under 21 years old, on welfare, bankrupts, those with gambling addiction, or criminals for entering the casino.

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thomas said...

Wah!So many restriction imposed.

Tat Wai said...

Too bad for Singaporeans. Have to pay to go in the Sentosa casino. Malaysia is still the best, no need to pay to go Malaysia Genting casino. Better come to Malaysia. For SG100 per day, better come to Malaysia.

kopi o said...

Maybe the theme park - universal studios should be good. Malaysia should just have a Disneyland to attract visitors.

Gordon said...

News reports say a VIP gambler from China recently won SG$1.5 million in a day in this casino. He deposited SG$100,000 to play. He had a lucky charm in a form of a golden Buddha palm which he placed on the table.

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