Sabah Elf Captured On Camera

Sin Chew recently reported that a "big headed elf" was spotted in Kenigau, Sabah. Elves (singular Elf) are believed to be divine or semi-divine beings having magical powers which they can either use to help or harm mankind. Elves in this part of the world are similar to what the locals call orang bunian.

The picture of the big headed elf was captured by a Sabah Foundation officer. He claimed that the picture was inadvertently captured when he was taking random pictures of a construction site with his hand phone.

In the picture, the elf appears to be near a 60 year old fig tree riding on a dog's neck.

The local Dusun people called the fig tree the 'Death Tree' and sacrificial chicken or swine are often offered in front of the tree by the community.

It is believed that the construction might have “disturbed” the spirits occupying the area.

Although local elves usually inhabit the forests, some are known to live near the Kampungs. According to folklore, these spirits exist in large communities, similar to human social structures, with families and clans.

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Anonymous said...

Ummmmm..... Is this real??
I just got back from this place and I didnt see an elf near a fig tree?

budget hotel in sabah said...

Hm.. I think that it is a dog with tree branches shade over the dog.

Anonymous said...

yeah..its a dog with tree branches..

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