How To Pick Up Chinese Girls In Malaysia

Picking up Chinese girls in Malaysia is no longer as easy as it once was, two decades ago. This is thus the gwai lo (white man) guide to picking up Chinese girls in Malaysia today. Watch the video above first.

Here are some additional tips:

If you meet a cute Malaysian Chinese girl at a bar or club, don't start the conversation on topics like Karate Kid, ninja, anything kung fu, dragons or crouching tigers.

Don't try breaking the ice by asking if she's Lucy Liu or Coco Lee. Because chances are, she's not.

Trying to impress a Chinese girl by attempting some kung fu moves when you dance isn't cool.

As not all Chinese women are erotic masseuses and dancers, manicurists or hairdressers, as portrayed in travel literature, so don't ask her if she can "love you long time". In Malaysia, the social demographics is different. White collar Malaysian Chinese professional women are in the hundreds of thousands and a sizable number of them were educated abroad. These are the women you are most likely to meet in bars and clubs. The working class Chinese women in Malaysia speak mainly Chinese and are not proficient in English. They, for some reason, do not generally prefer to socially interact with Caucasians or anyone outside their race who don't speak Chinese.

Finally, don't ask her if she likes "White Guys". Because you won't want to be disappointed by her answer, as some can be sarcastic and will say they prefer Blacks instead. Others might just ask you point blank, "where did you do your tertiary education and what do you do for a living" or "whether you were you doing professionally well in your own country". They ask this to assess how much you're worth.

It is also important to bear in mind that Chinese women are materialistic and do evaluate men according to social hierarchy. Due to the "rise and fall" of Caucasian expats in Malaysia in the last two decades, they have learned that not all gwai lo are close to being Bill Gates or Prince William, and neither are they all top tier "Investment Bankers". But they will gladly accept all the free food, drinks and gifts from a gwai lo without feeling the obligation to reciprocate the courtesy in any way whatsoever.

However, having said all this, being flash and generous is, in most cases, a prerequisite to your success in picking up Malaysian Chinese women. Money will indeed still take you a long way, but not all the way, as it used to.

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Kitkat said...

You have mentioned what you shouldn't do in front of them. But the tips are insufficient to date them. :)

Anonymous said...

Q: What do you call the useless sack of skin attached to a wallet?
A: A man.

It would be nice to find someone, somewhere who doesn't see us as walking ATMs. Even the non-hookers are after ur wallet

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