Rose Chan - The Legendary Malaysian Entertainer

Rose Chan (1925 – May 26, 1987) was a cabaret dancer turned "Queen of Striptease" who has become legendary in Malaysia. Apparently, in the late 1970s, she received a RM3 million offer from an American publisher for her autobiography, but the deal fell through when she insisted on USD$3 million instead.

Rose Chan was born in Soochow, China, to parents who were acrobats. In 1931, at 6 years old, she came to Kuala Lumpur with her adoptive mother. She had no formal education, apart from 8 months of schooling at the age of 12.

After many odd jobs and a failed marriage, she became a cabaret dancer.

In 1952, at the age of 27, was the turning point of her career. She transformed herself from a top cabaret girl to the "Queen of Striptease". Rose Chan had gained fame in many parts of the world including Germany, France, Britain, Australia, and Indonesia.

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