Penis Size Does Not Matter

A nut similar to the one used by the welder’s on his penis.

According Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre consultant urologist and senior lecturer, Dr Lee Boon Cheok, Men should not attempt to elongate their penises by surgical or other methods to improve their sex life because the process is dangerous and could backfire.

Men who experiment with unconventional penis "enlargement" methods may face disfigurement or lose their penis if the penis turns gangrenous due to clogged blood flow. You can also die if the gangrene is left untreated.

Last Sunday (31st August), a newspaper reported that a welder who was hospitalised after he used a nut (see picture above) to elongate his penis.

The welder, from Taman Sri Skudai, Johor got into trouble when his erection caused the nut to become stuck fast to the base of his penis.

Dr. Lee said although a lot of people associate penis size with virility, penis size varies with race and physique. He said understanding your partner’s physical and emotional needs is much more likely to improve your sexual relationship rather than trying to enlarge your penis.

Dr Lee confirmed that most non-surgical methods advertised for penile elongation such as vacuum pumps, squeezing exercises and lotions, do not work - they merely gave the illusion of increased length.

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