Does "Urut Batin" Improve Men's Performance in Bed ?


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Due to popular demand there are many spas and health centres in the Klang Valley and in major cities in Malaysia offering "urut batin" - penis massage.

Urut batin is a form of traditional Malay massage that helps the body circulate more blood to the penis while increasing the strength of erections to improve sexual stamina.

Despite its seemingly positive health benefits, most of the time, the "urut batin" are performed by amateur female massage "therapists" who do nothing more than masturbate their customers.
Firstly, is it legal ?

In an article by the Malay Mail in June last year, Ampang Jaya police chief Assistant Commissioner Amer Awal was reported saying that masturbation is not prostitution and it is not mentioned in the Penal Code.

That is the reason why police cannot take action against massage parlours offering erotic massages as it is not an offence.

It appears that certain massage parlours are using this loophole in the law to offer ‘hand jobs’ to customers, masquerading under the name of urut batin.

Amer said police cannot take action against the massage parlour operators without evidence.

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“It’s difficult to prove whether a masseuse masturbates her customer. When a raiding team enters the cubicle, the masseuse would have quickly covered the customer’s private parts with a towel or something and put her hands on his thigh as if she’s massaging the area.

Does it work ?

According to a news report by the NST in September last year, Professor Dr Shaiful Bahari Ismail from Universiti Sains Malaysia Hospital Family Health Clinic, said that specialists massage of the penis and testicles might prove dangerous for people suffering from erectile dysfuncton.

"Although there is no scientific research on the effect of massage of the private parts, massaging techniques carried out directly on the penis and testicles may damage blood vessels, the nerve system and even the skin," Dr Shaiful said.

How much does it cost ?

Apparently accourding to the NST article the "standard package" for "batin massage" (male genital massage) in Kelantan is apparently between RM200 and RM300. However, according to some advertisements on the internet, in Kuala Lumpur one can get a "urut batin" for as little as RM65.

I understand that health centres offer this massage Kuala Lumpur at very competitive rates.


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Ok guys, tell me what you think ? does it work or not ? ;)



jason said...

I went to venus at Kuchai Lama few days back. Its quite cosy and clean compared to others massage centres I have visited.
They have different packages. Pure traditional massage is RM38. Aromathraphy massage is RM45
Anyway, I chose the traditional massage. The indian massage lady was skillful.
At the end of massage section, she asked if I would like to try batin. I asked how much. She said RM38. I said the normal price are RM30. She said it is paid at the counter and the price is fixed. She is good at Batin, I had a good release.

Anonymous said...

i do hope we had urot batin her ein davao city philippines.. i would love to try

Anonymous said...

Bro, May i know where is the location?

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