Penis massage for only RM65. Interested ?

The "standard package" for "batin massage" (male genital massage) in Kelantan is apparently between RM200 and RM300.

It is believed that batin massage (a Malay massage technique) can make your penis bigger and can substantially improve your performance in bed.

According to Professor Dr Shaiful Bahari Ismail from Universiti Sains Malaysia Hospital Family Health Clinic, specialists massage of the penis and testicles might prove dangerous for people suffering from erectile dysfuncton.

"Although there is no scientific research on the effect of massage of the private parts, massaging techniques carried out directly on the penis and testicles may damage blood vessels, the nerve system and even the skin," Dr Shaiful said.

However, traditional masseur Mohd Zafri Harun, 35, who has been in the business for 15 years, claimed a success rate of 70 per cent.

"So far, most of my clients are satisfied with my service. They are happy with the size achieved after treatment," Mohd Zafri claimed.

Read the full report in the NST

Batin massage also called "Chook Kan" in Chinese which simply refers to penis massage.

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Batin massage services have also gone hi-tech - you can find the services advertised online:

An online classified advertisement offers "Traditional Massage + Batin 11/2jam RM65" - KL price.

A website, which appears to specialise in batin massage, advertises its cheapest "package" at RM180 for 75 minutes.

There are numerous massage centres in Kuala Lumpur these days. Just look in the telephone or tourist directory under Massage Kuala Lumpur, and you are bound to find a few.

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clement said...

does it work? :P
interesting article

AdrianC said...

omg. its kinda expensive right? i mean might as well save the money and buy Tongkat Ali. or buy porn megazines. hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

at chow kit can get rm30 also. normal rm45 but if regular can give you rm30

Anonymous said...

Batin massage is the same as ping pong issit ?

Vincent said...

Hmm ... I don't this type of massage yet :) .... maybe in a another couple of decades :D

Seaqueen said...

wow. This is something I'm really skeptical.

tony redgrave said...

getting my ...... handled & groped by another guy isn't something that I fancy.

The Malaysian Life said...

Clement - Malaysian men seem to believe in this, if not it won't be so popular.

AdrianC - Does Tongkat Ali really work ? Do you still buy porn when you can get it free online ? ;)

Anonymous - RM30 ? for a wank, maybe. LOL

Anonymous - Yes, apparently it is.

Vincent - Don't be shy, give it a try...LOL.

Seaqueen - Skeptical ? The men are apparently not. BTW, did you know there is a batin massage for women as well ? :)

tony redgrave - There are male and female batin "therapists". So you can try the female ones. LOL

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Nice infor! But I don't fancy another guy 'handling' my equipment! But I don't think I need any enhancement as no complain from gf in this area. Have a nice day!

keeyit said...

This is my first time to hear about this kind of massage..

Snapshots said...

Urgg!, No way

The Malaysian Life said...

Hor ny Ang Moh - LOL. Im sure yours is in excellent working condition. High performance tool ?

Keeyit & Snapshots - LOL. There is always a first time for everything. :)It seems to be of high demand these days as loads of "Spas" in KL are already offering this "treatment".

niteboss said...

My friend went for a 2 month treatment(once per week)...and he said that now he feel like a tiger in bed.
The massage done by a old indon lady. Now he no need viagra.

Cocka Doodle said...

How come so expensive? On average it cost about RM50 only. Performed by women masseuse.

The Malaysian Life said...

niteboss - Your friend is now a tiger in bed, you mean his penis or his growl ?

Cocka Doodle - Maybe there's a discount for regular customers (like you). That's why its only RM50 LOL joking :). Or maybe it is cheaper in JB.

Anonymous said...

everyone claims to offer the service but not all are genuine. most are just "cheap trills" massage - just a handjob. You can do that yourself lol.

The Malaysian Life said...

Anonymous - You speaking from experience, eh ? :)

Anonymous said...

wawo very nice i will tell my husband about it if relly effective how much it cost now 2010

rodney said...

The penis exercise works. My housemate tried it for about 2 weeks...can see results already. I've also started it 3 days ago.

Simon said...

were is the penis exercise

Anonymous said...

Got any massage or treatment to make pussy hole tight ??

Halen said...

There are such massages for women, but you have to go to get a malay maternity massage woman. Difficult to find these days.

Anonymous said...

i want to try.. where i can get it.. nice 1..n petty..

Anonymous said...

any one can recomend but i only want this treatment from a woman

raj said...

any nice recomendation i would like to try but only by a woman

Anonymous said...

I can provide for women

James Y said...

The penis exercise works. My housemate tried it for about 2 weeks...can see results already. I've also started it 3 days ago.. Nice infor! But I don't fancy another guy 'handling' my equipment! But I don't think I need any enhancement as no complain from gf in this area. Have a nice day! There are such massages for women, but you have to go to get a malay maternity massage woman. Difficult to find these days.

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