Do you like to eat Lan-Jiao ?

How about having dog's cock and deer-blood vodka cocktail ? and sheep's eyes as a starter ? Have you tried aborted reindeer foetus ? These are all served in a restaurant in Beijing. The restaurant specilises in exotic dishes and also in a very unusual delicacy; animal penises. This restaurant located in Beijing prepares dog, tiger, donkey, snake (yes, a snake has 2 penises), sheep, horse, ox and seal, penises and testicles, in addition to the other more common organs of the animals. The tiger penis dish is £3,000 (about RM19,500).

[The tiger penis dish in Malaysia is cheaper, see Do you Eat Tiger ?. For bull's penis soup see Sex Soup.]

Read the full story in this BBC report.

For centuries ancient Asian cultures have believed (and still do) that the Tiger's penis has some magical properties that improves a man's stamina, just like Viagra does. Some even believe that consuming a tiger's penis will make a man's penis as large as a tiger's.

Other traditional uses for tiger body parts are:
whiskers - give protection from bullets, give user courage, and prevent toothache.
eyeballs - rolled into pills, prevent and treat epilepsy and convulstions
brains - mixed with oil and rubbed over body - cures laziness and acne
bones - mixed into wine, cures rheumatism
tail - rubbed on body, said to cure skin problems
heart - cooked and eaten, imparts strength, courage, and cunning

Guys and girls, please post your comments.


Seaqueen said...

Good Lord! No way am I going to eat them, even if you pay me a million bucks. Totally gross. I believe that God made certain animals to be eaten and others to be wary of. I don't know how all those so-called symptoms can be cured using those body parts.

Will you eat them?

the reviewer said...

Hahahahaha! Hilarious! That's about the only way Food & Sex can come in as one Label. Hahahahaha! Awe man... tearing up laughing.

The Malaysian Life said...

Seaqueen - won't eat them ? not even for a million dollars ? lots of people will, for free. There's this restaurant in Puchong which is packed with people on weekends.

The Reviewer - thats an accurate observation. :)

yulin said...

OMG ! this is disgusting ! how can anyone eat this ? yuck

AdrianC said...

omg...yuck yuck yuck...eating other animals penis makes you go stronger? like that lets have BBQ penis party. :)but poor animals getting their stuffs COOKED.

Seaqueen said...

So I guess this means that you love all these exotic food eh.
What other foods are you into besides that?

Angie Tan said...

wah liao....

i'm still wondering how the heck they can abort a reindeer's foetus???

mmmm... i'm wondering if there a lot of tiger, reindeer, goat, pig, bear "tai kam" around. wait, i think they won't exist. most of them will be used as food liao.

for all you know, they are able to make fake chicken out of these exotic meats. (^ ^)

The Malaysian Life said...

yulin - some people do. Hakkas and Koreans, mostly eat dogs ?

adrian - better bring a tiger's part as a talisman if you're going to sleep over at the National Museum tonight.

seaqueen - I've eaten mouse deer and bat curry (I think so). Quite delicious.

AdrianC said...

haha this means human are bored of the food in the world already. whats next? FRIED ALIEN? :)

Kenny Lee said...

cure laziness, i may consider..........

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

I have eaten bull's cock once accidentally ( I have not idea I am eating a bull's cock until it is in my stomach! ) but then it have not effect on me! Since normally I am pokeing like a bull so having that boost I am suppose to be pokeing like a gollilas! Have a nice day!

The Malaysian Life said...

Angie - There's already synthetic shark's fin. Why not other synthetic exotic meat, eh ?

AdrianC - You might be right. People are just finding excuses to try something new.

Kenny Lee - You lazy ? Will Tongkat Ali help ?

Hor ny Ang Moh - Did it get you into severe trouble while poking ? LOL

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