Sex Soup

Guys, make your bullet perform like a torpedo.

Eh, Im not talking about the war in Iraq. Im taking about love, not war. But it still has to do with the
"Coalition of the Willing". What I am talking about is what you need when you do your kung- fu in bed - "Crouching Trousers, Hidden Penis" activity.

Topedo Soup or "Sup torpedo" in Malay, is the answer to better kung fu (or silat, depending on your preference) performance. It is said to be more potent than Viagra, Tongkat Ali, Ginseng, Red Bull and "Guinness Stout campur telur".

Sup torpedo, if you've not guessed it already, has as its main ingredient a bull’s penis (a horse's,
in some places). The animal's penis is cooked with some Indian Muslim herbs.

Someone should actually patent this concoction as it is a truly Malaysian heritage. I can imagine the advertisement already... a big hot bowl of Sup Topedo...the words... Sup Topedo - Truly Malaysian, then in the background, a picture of the Petronas Twin towers standing tall...and then the words..."it takes two to make it true".

You think im talking cock ? read on...the Newspapers have also written about this. For those of you who want to know more about the bull's cock soup, I attached with this post a very polite article by NST about this Malaysian aphrodisiac.

For those of you who have tried this soup, please post your feedback in the comments section.


Sup torpedo boosts men’s virility, so they say. It’s nevertheless a chewy proposition. SAM CHEONG writes.

“REAL men” drink Sup Torpedo. In a man’s world, there’s no question about it. But before you imagination runs berserk, let me clarify the fact that the torpedo in question is not an explosive ordnance but a bull’s sexual organ.

Long regarded as an aphrodisiac, many who consume it believed that it yields plenty of “power” for male virility.

How true is this claim? Well, only you can tell. This Indian Muslim dish is a variety of the well-known sup kambing.

Using the same spicy broth, bull’s penis is used instead of mutton. This particular soup dish is one of the most expensive hawker food ever to be found along sidewalks.

A single serving can cost up to RM15 a bowl. Up the ante with urat or tendons and tulang (bones).

The most expensive sup torpedo ever to be served was at RM55 a bowl. Now, this, believe it or not, is one of those rare occasions where a horse penis was used instead of the usual ones.

Okay, jokes aside, how does it taste? One thing is for sure, you don’t have to be a Fear Factor contestant to find out. The bull’s penis is crunchier than its tendons and well, if you’ve got used to it, you’d probably want more!

That said, the ultimate combination will be the sup torpedo campur grenade. Now, if I got your imagination running wild, this lethal concoction is a mixture of bull’s penis and goat’s testicles.

Cow spareparts aplenty, the only soup friendly mamak cooks have never come up with, is the sup Bom Atom or the bull’s testicles soup. I’ll leave that to your imagination.

Top five recommendations

- Kuala Lumpur — Sup Haji Abu at Jalan Doraisamy.

Many claim they are the real deal. Haji Abu’s sons who have remained humble all these years maintain a family recipe that puts them high on sup torpedo lovers’ list. Opens daily from 7pm-2am.

- Johor Baru — Daud Kambing Sup at the back alley of Jalan Wong Ah Fook.

Okay, for many who don’t know, this is a seedy area where the “Lai-Lai” girls (girlie barber joints) operate.

For the returning customer, this place has the most electrifying bull’s penis soup in the country.

- Malacca — Hawker centre beside City Bayview Hotel.

There is an Indian Muslim stall here that specialises in sup kambing and if you ask, sup torpedo is also on the menu. This one is a bit different because the owner will give you complimentary green chillies to go with a plate of hot rice when you order the soup.

- Selangor — Stall No. 3 at Jalan Selayang Baru near Batu Caves.

This is a makan place that is owned by a Malay couple and all the cow spareparts broth that you can imagine is served here. Highly recommended, is the sup bebola lembu or meatball soup.

- Penang — Head to Sup Hameed

Located at 49, Penang Road. To the islanders here, this place needs no introduction because sceptics are turned into believers when they savour the bull’s pride while slurping them down complemented by freshly-baked bread slices.




Anonymous said...

I tried this soup at Sup Hameed in Penang. Delicious. Then I went pub and club hopping to the pubs and clubs nearby.

Anonymous said...

If a real men drink bulls penis soup, then a real woman drinks a man's penis soup ?

Anonymous said...

That sounds... weird.. what's the connection? Women drinking man's penis soup? While real men drink bulls' penis soup?

Fatty said...

What I think he meant about the penis soup is the "soup" that COMES OUT OF the penis - semen.

soon roy said...

anyone know where to buy the horse one ?

perkinsonline said...

sup torpedo is the most stupid thing in the world I tried it before did shit to me. If you really want a good boost and better health try cordyceps which strengthen the lungs liver. China athletes use and not sup torpedo. SUp torpedo is justa gimmick for ediots who dont know better

Anonymous said...

behind berjaya time square there's got a stall selling herbal soups - wah you try the "sui yee" soup with ginseng. try then go massage...hahaha. you never forget.

Anonymous said...

i tired this and the "thing" taste like rubber. shit

Anonymous said...

the kl one not so good. the penang sup hamid better. after drinking can go jalan jalan cari "makan"...

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