The Office (The Original British Edition)

My Ratings: Very Good

Release Date: 2001

Lessons: There a lots of lessons you can learn from this series. You learn about the characters of different people you work with. You learn about a kind but incompetent boss. Everyone in the office have got nothing in common with each other except for sharing the same workplace for 8 hours everyday. Absolutely hilarious ! I've watched this series over 20 times and each time I watch it I still laugh.

When the Wernham Hogg paper merchants needed someone to come in and shape up their office, they found the man who definitely thinks he is the most capable candidate in David Brent (Ricky Gervais). Brent rules a tight ship, but at the same time tries to be every employee's best friend. Brent is the centerpiece for this brilliant satire of 9-5 office life. Camera crews follow Brent and his employees around in this British series that uses no laugh track, and doesn't need it. The razor sharp comedy will have audiences in stitches. When released in England, this wickedly funny series broke all sales records for non-film DVD releases.


soon roy said...

This is a fantastic sitcom. David brent is so hilarious. watch this.

steward the rookie said...

I like the episode - quiz nite and the narrative by gareth and david brent on mr. spock being half alien and half human. Also brilliant is chris finch - the sore loser.

Anonymous said...

david brent is fuckin' brilliant. my favorite is the episode where he did the dance - classic quote: "I sort of fused flashdance with mc hammer,shit" hahaha.

azleane said...

i watched the clips on you tube and find it very hilarious. it is so english...hahaha. i bought the box set dvd yesterday - the complete series for RM50. Im going to watch the whole of it this weekend.

Anonymous said...

tim is the smartest there. he also appeared in the film the hitch hikers guide to the galaxie.

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