Become rich or get killed ? Its a dog's life.

While a dog in Asia may get cooked in a restaurant, this "Mat Salleh" dog, called "Trouble" just inherited $12 million (RM42 million) from its master, New York hotelier and real estate billionaire, Leona Helmsley.Is it just luck ?. Its a dog's life - some get killed, some become rich. Just like us human beings, some are lucky and some are not ?

Read about the millionaire dog in this BBC report or read about the dogs that get killed for food.

What determines your station in life ?

What is your destiny ?

You could be born a prince or a peasant. You could be born to live a life of luxury and pleasure, or hardwork and misery - and you had no choice on that.

What do you think ? Is life of an animal or a human, random ? Post your comments.


Anonymous said...

WTF ??? eating dogs ? fuckin' hell.

Anonymous said...

its just like real life it depends on fate

tomscabin said...

Everything in life is luck. - Donald Trump

waimun said...

some things are because of luck, some things because of what you did.

alvin said...

when i watched the memorial on princess diana on tv it reminded me of this post. she was born to become a famous princess, but her life ended up in tragedy at a young age of only 36. we cannot predict what life has to offer.

Syafiqmon1991 said...

Gosh!! Poor Dog !!
I agreed what waimun said ...
"Some things are because of luck, Some things because of what you did"

The Malaysian Life said...

Anonymous - In some cultures dogs are a delicacy.

Anonymous, tomscabin, waimun, alvin & Syafiqmon1991 - Thats why people tend to believe that it is possible to change their luck - by supernatural means or otherwise. Fate is an unalterable reality that affects the living. The outcome of decisions is also based on random chance.

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