50 Things Malaysian (My List)

I know that The Star has published a list of 50 Things Malaysian pursuant to the Merdeka celebrations this year.

I find The Star's list inaccurate, as it has included or has omitted to include certain things. I thus decided to draw up with my own list on "50 Things Malaysian".

Please note that the things included in my list are either typically Malaysian or has its origins in Malaysia.


Nasi lemak
Teh tarik
Roti canai
Belacan (Shrimp paste)
Ramly burger
Char koay teow
Bak kut teh
Debel curry /Devil curry (Malacca Portuguese curry)
Tuak (Sarawak rice wine)


Tok kok
Ta pau
Malaysia Boleh
Yam seng
Mat Salleh


Tunku Abdul Rahman
Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad
Tan Sri P. Ramlee
Hang Tuah (Reluctantly added)
Mat Rempit
Ah Long

Buildings & Places

Petronas Twin Towers
24-hour Mamak stall
Genting Highlands
Petaling Street (Reluctantly added)
Tol Plaza
Mount Kinabalu
Pasar malam
A Famosa
Dataran Merdeka
Batu Caves

Culture and Others

Maybank (Reluctantly added)
Handphone (Reluctantly added)
Sales and discounts
Balik kampung
Open house
4D ("Empat Ekor")
Pirated DVDs and software
MC (Medical Certificate / Medical leave)
Vision 2020
Baju kurung
“Malaysian time”


All the things in red were added by me, but were omitted from The Star's list. Those below were the things omitted by me, but were included in The Star's list.

Omitted Things

Malaysian hospitality
Nasi kandar (Reluctantly omitted)
Sudirman (Reluctantly omitted)
Sepang International Circuit
KL International Airport
Longhouse (Reluctantly omitted)
Ang pow in many colours
Wayang Kulit
Baba-Nyonya (Reluctantly omitted)
MyKad or identity card
Joget (Reluctantly omitted)
Yee sang
ABC (Air Batu Campur)
Kajang satay
Penang Bridge


Ok, please post your comments - what do you think should be added or omitted from the list ?


Kavi said...

aiyo... how come got Hang Tuah in that list la?
U forgot to add "Lame History Textbooks" into the list.

Anonymous said...

belachan must be included lah. what about sambal ?

Anonymous said...

star dint included bak kut teh and belacan...put putrajaya for wat ? not all malaysian go there wat ?

bandit said...

dvd, and handphones and 4D are soooo malaysian

lee ann said...

I dont agree to include Hang Tuah
Wayang Kulit and KL International Airport. Can't believe the star included wayang kulit and KLIA. selamat merdeka !

3POINT8 said...

Happy Merdeka Day!

Anonymous said...

I agree on belacan..why maybank ? fuked up bank lah.

The Malaysian Life said...

Kavi - LOL, yes. I'll include that next year, I guess.

Anonymous - Sambal isn't really of Malaysian origin, is it ?

Anonymous & lee ann - The Star compiled its list from its readers' opinion poll, apparently.

bandit - LOL yes.

3POINT8 - you said it !

Anonymous - I see that you disagree with Malaysia's financial policy.

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