Will you eat a tiger ?

Man eating tiger (man who eats the tiger)

The Star reports that Kahang, a town approximately 40km from Kluang, Johor is fast earning a reputation for exotic food restaurants.

Apparently if you are a regular customer and the restaurant operator knows you, you will be offered dishes made from protected animals, including tiger meat.

As supply is inconsistent and scarce, a plate of fried tiger meat costs about Rm40.

The restaurants in Kahang also offer dishes of wild boar, mountain goat, squirrel, mousedeer, bat, porcupine, anteater, tortoise, civet and various types of fish and prawn found in rivers in the Endau-Rompin National Park.

The restaurants get their supplies from middlemen who bought the animals from the Orang Asli.

A tiger in the black market could cost between RM100,000 and RM200,000 each but normally, the meat, teeth, whiskers and sexual organ are sold to different people.

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I want to order a tiger steak and a monkey burger with cheese. Can you also give me a set of KFC (Kahang Fried Cobra) - Hot and Spicy. Does it come with medium flies ?

Puchong - the exotic food district of KlangValley ?

A restaurant called Puchong Lim in Puchong is renowned for its exotic meat dishes. It serves wild boars, turtles, snakes, squirrels, flying fox(bat), pigeons, dog, even monkey and tiger (when available). Exotic food is very "heaty" and we better drink lots of water and herbal tea. One can get ill if too much exotic meat is eaten.

There is also a makeshift stall at Pudu (its at the corner, opposite a shopping complex in Pudu). This stall also sells
exotic meat dishes. The prices are quite reasonable.

Anywhere else anyone knows where exotic meat dishes are served ? please share.


~Bee Nee~ said...

No no no no no no NO!

Anonymous said...

yes i know about this restaurant in puchong. It is off the main road. Plenty of Hakka people there. They also sell dog meat.

Anonymous said...

there is also one at klang.

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