Do you wanna be a social escort ?

This website claims that it is the "University of Escorts"

Its says:

"In all major cities throughout the United States, the platonic dinner escort industry is a multi-million dollar market.

Top entertainment industry consultants, agents, celebrities, corporate executives and other top mainstream professionals are the largest single consumer group of the dinner, social, travel escort industry.

The dinner escort market represent millions of dollars of unreported income. For men and women who are engaged in this profession, they are a part of the alternative career industry. For them the term "let's have lunch or dinner," opens the door to hidden business opportunities and unlimited financial rewards.

Professional dinner escorts earn up to $300 per hour attending a variety of social events such as night clubs, movies, restaurants, sporting events, award shows and weekend gambling trips to Las Vegas.

If you consider yourself attractive, well-groomed and intellectually stimulating in conversation you can earn unlimited income as a professional dinner, social and travel escort.

The University of Escorts is proud to offer our unique audio training courses. The Dinner Escort Training Program consists of 36 audio cassettes or CDs. They are presented in unedited classroom style. All lectures are given by Johnnie Manley. Johnnie has over 25 years of experience in the companion industry. Manley's courses cover everything you need to know to get started into this exciting leisure profession.

The University of Escorts offers the best possible instruction available for men and women who want to succeed in the companion industry. Each audio training course is designed to help you develop the necessary skills to succeed in this unique and exciting industry. Our pricing ranges from $19.99 to $49.99 per course. The complete set of 36 tapes is offered for only $599 including postage."

Visit thier website:

Entertainment Personal Services


Ive noticed some advertisements by social escorts in our local websites, dont know if they subscribed for the above course. :)

Here are examples of some advertisements:

"Hi there,if you are looking for a companion or someone to be with so you wont feel bored or lonely during your visit/stay here,pls. don't hesitate to contact me.I'm 5'8", weigh about 85kg,english educated,honest and cool.Sightseeing and taking you on a city tour is also possible.I will try to make your stay here a memorable one.My charges are reasonable.This ad is open to all big and beautiful women(BBW'S} below 50.Pls contact me through site or SMS/call me at 016-3XX-41XX.Thank you and have a nice day!"

"My name is Helena.I'm Malaysian. I'm a independent social escort and i'm doing this as a part time job. I work as a personal assistant and i need atleast 2 hours notice for any booking.I do outcall only.
Any enquiry or booking must by !!SMS ONLY!!.(anytime)I'll try to reply your sms shortly. I won't answer any phone calls.
Bussiness in Ringgit Malaysia Only
Enquiry or booking, SMS me at 017 6XX42XX"

My name is Shayla, 26 years old, fair complexion, an oriental Chinese lady who is sweet and tentative with a warm personality will make you at ease.
If you are on holidays or coming to Kuala Lumpur on business trip and need some quality female company or exceptional moments of pleasure and relax, I am here for you. I am independent, professional and discreet in every way.
Gentlemen make sure you are respectful and treat me with respect and courtesy. I like to be pampered, and I like to pamper...
I enjoy quality NOT quantity.
Please e-mail me with your photos and rate.
Looking forward to meet you soon."

Please leave comments if you know of social escorts or had experience with social escorts or even what you think of social escorts.



Insider said...

A semi-famous car model once said that 70% of local models moonlight as dinner escorts ... of course, it's not something they are proud of or will openly admit :)

About the 3 ads:
1st ad: 85kg? *Faints*
2nd ad: SMS only and saying she's a PA ... a bit fishy.
3rd ad: asking for photos? Very fishy ... ppl with common sense will stay far far away.

Mind sharing where u find the ads?

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