RM10,000 For A 180kg Giant Grouper

MALACCA, Saturday 29 January 2011 –A fisherman from Kuala Linggi had recently caught a giant grouper weighted 180kg in the Malacca Straits. He sold the fish to a local Chinese restaurant at RM10,000.

The giant grouper was expected to be served during the upcoming Chinese New Year.

Giant grouper purchaser Luo Guo Qing, 70, said that as the the fish was too heavy, the fisherman and his mates were unable to move it onto their boat. They could only wrapped it in a net and drag it along the return journey.

Restaurant owner Dai Chu Cai, 47, said that after deducted the 30kg of internal organs, its head and flesh still weighted 150kg and if 1kg of flesh was to serve a table, about 150 tables of customers could then taste the giant grouper.

Source: Sin Chew

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Chris said...

wow ! what a big fish. RM10000 is a little pricy.

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