Showing Off, Malaysian Style

This guy shows off his new car, Malaysian style by double parking the car so everyone can see. He doesn't realise that this causes serious inconveniences to others.

These are another 2 (albeit, less affluent) people showing off, Malaysian style. Their dangerous stunts may impress their village friends, but certainly not the more civil Malaysians.

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Anonymous said...

cool dudes

niklas21 said...

Bunch of TR ( temporary resident )

Irish Nomad said...

The top photo looks familiar but the second not exactly - thankfully. Mind you moped riders seem to perform acrobatics around my moving car on a daily basis :)

Fifa said...

Ah, very Malaysian. I wish Malaysians would show off more in meeting rooms tho. What are their degrees for if not to share knowledge? It is baffling. Showing off needs to be channeled to the right venues.

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