Malaysian Maid In Hong Kong Wins RM12 Million Lottery

Citing a China Press story, The Star reported that a Malaysian maid working in Hong Kong had won more than HK$30 million (or RM12 million) in lottery money.

The middle-aged maid is employed at the mansion of casino tycoon Stanley Ho's fourth wife, Angela Leong.

According to her employer's family, the maid purchased a Mark Six lottery ticket on her birthday.

However, Angela Leong was reported saying she was unaware that any of her Malaysian workers had won the lottery.

The maid said she would continue to work as a maid at the mansion as she has for over 10 years as she did not want to part with Angela Leong's eldest daughter, Sabrina Ho Chiu-ying, whom she had cared for since she was a little girl.

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ezawaj 123love latinchat said...

The Malaysian maid is really nice, must pay a lot now to hire her I guess.

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