Witches To Put Curse On Government

Witchcraft has been recently recognised as a legitimate profession in Romania and witches, including astrologers and fortune tellers, have now to be registered and pay tax.

In protest of this new tax law, Romanian witches from the east and west will head to the southern plains and the Danube River to threaten the government with curses and hexes.
Romania has always had a strong tradition in witchcraft and it still does. Romanian witches are still plying their trade in casting spells, telling the future, selling amulets for protection and good fortune, curing illnesses or bad habits and even causing death of ones enemies.

In Romania, witchcraft is a multi-million dollar business. The Romanian TV used to be filled with advertisements of witches advertising spells, magic formulas and portions. As matters got out of control, the Romanian government had to ban the witchcraft advertisements on TV.

While white and black magic are just history in many countries, are still widely practised in Romania.

In remote Romanian villages, as in villages in Malaysia, people often go to a witch before they go to the doctor.

63 year old Queen witch Bratara Buzea, who was imprisoned in the 1970s for witchcraft under the previous communist government, is furious about the new tax law. She plans to cast a potent spell using a secret ritual in collaboration with many covens of witches in Romania. Apparently, she claims that her spells always work. We will have to wait and see how effective the spell is and its effect on the Romanian government.

In Malaysia, like Romania, people from different faiths and religious traditions still hold a strong belief in the supernatural. Malaysians still consult mediums, astrologers and bomohs (Malay shamans), even at the risk of being cheated by charlatans, to attain solutions to their daily and professional problems including using black magic. The effectiveness on these "traditional methods" are still difficult to determine as they produce no consistent results. There is still a roaring demand for the black arts in Malaysia from the common village folk and local celebrities to businessmen and politicians.

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Goh said...

These things are real. I know its unfashionable to talk about these things in the age of science, but I have witnessed events that are unexplainable by science.

rudy said...

I believe in the supernatural. cannot be proven by science but the effects exists...

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