Beware Of Fake Car Parking Coupons

According to news reports, the Malacca City Council (MBMB) alerted motorists to be cautious about imitation car parking coupons being sold.

An MBMB spokesman said they should be wary of discounted or cheap parking sold by unauthorised private individuals and companies.

Apparently the fake parking coupons looks genuine except that there are no serial numbers on them.

The public is advised to purchase genuine parking coupons from MBMB booths or appointed agents.

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simon said...

this thing also got people cheat. anyone know if people cheat in selling fake lottery tickets ?

ramesh said...

This has been happening for years.

lim said...

got to be careful of buying fake coupons. but how are the enforcement offcers going to check when the coupons are place inside the car ?

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