Evil Spirits Attack Widow's House

The Star reported Zainab Sulaiman’s house is infested with djinn (spirits) which are believed to have caused 200 mysterious fires in her home in Kampung Penambang Bunga Emas, near Kota Baru, in Kelantan.

On Wednesday night, a group of local Muslim exorcists called Darul Shifaq spent half the night in her house chanting Quranic verses in attempt to drive out the djinn but without success.

The group apparently also used holy water to cleanse her ancient keris (Malay dagger), swords, and brasswares where the spirits are believed to be "occupying".

According to the group leader, Zainab's ancient keris and swords, possibly inherited from her ancestors, could have been used by her forefathers in the practise of black magic.

Prior to this a Siamese medium had attempted to drive away the spirits but was also unsuccessful.

Apparently an American couple visited Zainab recently at night offering to help rid the house of the spirits but she politely declined because of language problems and feared the attempt of exorcising would anger the spirits further.

In a report by the Daily Chilli, the latest spiritualist to attempt to exorcise the house is Master Ong Q Leng from Penang. Master Ong uses Kung Fu (Chinese martial art) in the exorcism ritual. She went over to Zainab's house on Saturday to drive away djinns and seal the house to prevent them from coming back and causing trouble again.

Master Ong said she could sense the presence of evil the moment she stepped into the house. There are allegedly little djinns under the house while the larger ones are outside the premises.

Master Ong claimed that she able to chase away the small djinns but there is a 50-50 chance that they will return to cause trouble again.

Zainab is a widow who lives in the wooden house with her daughter-in-law and two grandchildren.

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