Malaysians Lose Millions To Conmen Bomoh & Fortune Tellers

The NST reported that Malaysians are losing millions to conmen bomoh and fortune tellers.

Last Year, there were 229 reported cases where RM9.9 million were cheated. In 2008, the 185 reported cases involved RM5.5 million in losses. The previous year, 140 cases involving losses amounting to RM4.2 million.

The police said in most cases the victims handed over their money willingly, hoping for a miracle cure to their problems or ailments.

These cases are classified under Section 420 of the Penal Code where offenders, if convicted, could be jailed between 1 and 10 years, whipped and fined.

Victims are usually conned by bomohs or fortune-tellers by convincing them to have certain rituals or prayers done to cure their illnesses or eliminate their problems - and these supernatural procedures cost money.

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