Black Magic Activities At A Cemetery

There are reports of black magic activities at a cemetery in Bukit Tunggal, Kuala Nerus, Kuala Terengganu.

The activities were discovered when witchcraft paraphernalia were found by villages during a gotong-royong at the cemetery. They found a white bundle containing soiled panties, pepper, rotten eggs, needles, lime and rice which are allegedly used in necromantic rites.

The practice of necromancy is still quite common in Malaysia of all races. Although the majority involved are 4D lottery punters seeking favorable draws, others practice this to obtain supernatural powers.

It is believed that there are still Malaysian businessmen, politicians and artistes who seek bomohs to obtain special favours for power, wealth and fame. For instance, the procedure called susuk is reportedly popular with local artistes seeking career progression by supernatural means.



Johnny Hew said...

Near my house in cheras there are also people practicing this near the forest. There are taxi drivers and motorbikes parked by the roadside and the walk in. People say they ask for 4D numbers.

thomas said...

Time is bad,many need to get rich fast!

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