MAS Travel Fair 2010 - Top 10 Discounts

The Top 10 Deals

One of the ways Malaysians usually obtain the cheapest airfares is to either book flights online on a budget airline or travel during low peak periods. But with deals on offer during the MAS travel fair this year, you are spoilt for choice in terms of travel destinations and vacation packages.

A 75% discount to 49 destinations worldwide at the Malaysia Airlines Travel Fair 2010 which starts today until 7th March.

The travel period starts from 24 March 2010 until 14th January 2011.

The MAS travel fair (MATF) this year is equally packed with fantastic low priced tickets and holiday packages.

One-way airfares to the following destinations:
RM133 (Medan)
RM213 (Phuket)
RM359 (Hong Kong)
RM639 (Perth)
RM1,069 (Melbourne)
RM1,549 (London)
RM1,549 (Paris)
RM1,549 (Rome)

Four days, three nights travel packages from MAS holidays inclusive of return airfare, airport transfers, accommodation and breakfast:

RM264 (Bangkok)
RM424 (Bali)
RM487 (Beijing)
RM754 (Sydney)
RM816 (Gold Coast)

Umrah and Ziarah journey on MAS holidays' travel package is RM4,999 for 14 days/12 nights to Jeddah, with three nights in Madinah and nine nights in Mecca.

Check the other offers at Malaysian Airlines Travel Fair - here.

You can buy your tickets via the airlines’ ticketing offices, travel agents or Malaysia Airlines.


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kenwooi said...

nice! really cheap! but too bad i wont be going anywhere anytime soon =)

Emily said...

Very affordable. I want to go to Bali. 4days 3 nights.

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