China Dolls Soliciting For Customers At Pudu Food Court

Female Chinese national sex workers locally referred to as the "China Girl" or "China Doll", have been soliciting for customers at food courts or hawker centres in the city for many years. The numerous public raids by the authorities doesn't seem to deter these women - they will return a few days later after each raid.

The major cause of this is, the high demand for sexual services among the men. Malaysian men are known to be humsup, so it will be difficult to curb this menace.

The above is the video clip of the raid conducted at one in Pudu food court in January 2008 where the police detained 61 China Girls and 14 men aged between 25 and 45 believed to be their customers.

In Kuala Lumpur, these Chinese prostitutes station themselves around the food courts and Chinese coffee shops at Jalan Gelang, off Jalan Loke Yew, also known as the "Pudu Area" (Jalan Pasar) food courts to some.

According to a news report by a local Chinese daily published in June this year, the women begin to ply their trade from 12pm to 6am each day. Apparently during the day, there are more middle aged women, while at night the younger ones take over.

These prostitutes offer their services to customers of the food court. After haggling and deciding on the price, the women take the men to flats nearby for sex. Some people say food and sex go well together - nothing like having "special desert" after eating a big bowl of curry laksa at the hawker centre.

While the news report says the sexual services range between RM100 and RM150 regardless of the woman’s age, there are rumours saying that the price can be as little as RM30 a session, depending on how one bargains with the Chinese prostitute.

Language is no barrier in this business. It doesn't matter if you cannot communicate in Mandarin, these women know how to make good use of their handphones. When dealing with a non Mandarin speaking customer, these women will type in the price on their handphone and show it to the customer. The customer will then haggle the price down by typing a lower price on the handphone. This process goes on until a an agreeable price is reached.

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I'll check this information ;)

Anonymous said...

where exactly in pudu area? and what food court?

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Fucking everywhere !

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This place was good once

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