How "China Dolls" Make Money In Malaysia


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We can learn a lot about doing business in Malaysia from China Dolls. This is like learning Business 101 from China Dolls.

These Chinese nationals or "China Dolls" or "China Girls", as they are normally referred to locally, enter the country as tourists to work illegally as GROs in nightspots or masseuse in a massage parlors. These girls usually provide sexual services, commonly called "special" for additional fees.

Usually they will work for a karaoke or massage parlor and earn a salary and commission for providing their services. Depending on their arrangement with their employers, they may or may not share, with their employers, the additional fees for the "special" services they provide the customers.

For the first few months in the country, she will be employed - i.e. as an illegal employee. Once she has built "professional" relationships with enough regular customers and have the customers' hand phone numbers, she proceed to freelance (self employed) the next time she comes back to Malaysia. She will operate from a budget hotel where she rents a room - she now takes everything the customers pay; she becomes her own boss. She markets her services by sending sms to the regular customers whose numbers she has obtained earlier when she was an employee. She may even pay taxi drivers a commission to introduce new customers to her.

After many months, once a she has "established herself" by having plenty of regular customers as a freelancer, she will then rope in her friend to help her in her business. Now she becomes the "Sit thau Por" (Lady Boss) and her friend will have to service her customers and pay the the Sit Thau Por a cut from whatever the customers pay.

That's how a China Doll goes from first being an employee, to being self employed, and to finally become the Sit Thau Por.

China Dolls are willing to pay agents relatively high fees to obtain tourist visas for "long stays". The agents of course will have access to the top immigration officers to "kau tim", as being reported in the Malay Mail recently.

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Agents charge these China Dolls exorbitant rates of between RM1,500 and RM6,000 for visa extensions of between one to six months. The government's normal rate for extensions per month is only about RM100.

Money makes the world go round.

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