Orang Minyak Molests Virgins In Kedah

The Orang Minyak in Malay Culture is supposedly a ghost in the form of a naked man covered with oil making him slippery and difficult to apprehend. Orang Minyak means 'oily man' in Malay. It is believed that the Orang Minyak lives around several Malaysian towns and villages raping young women. It is a ghostly serial rapist.

An Orang Minyak is reportedly on the prowl in Taman Keladi dan Taman Angsana in Sungai Petani, Kedah, terrorising about 300 families as the apparition seemed to attack homes occupied by young women, reported a local tabloid.

17 year old Nurshahirah, from Taman Keladi, said that she woke up at about 5.40am this Monday when she felt a warm sensation on her left ear. When she opened her eyes, she saw a dark apparition with curly hair and thick moustache standing by her bed.

Nurshahirah revealed that she was even more shocked but was powerless to move when the Orang Minyak took off his sarong and started fondling himself while groping her body. It was as though a charm had been placed on her, she said.

42 year old housewife known as Fatimah, also from Taman Keladi, she said 2 of her daughters cried when they were woken up by the Orang Minyak that had molested them at about 5am on Monday. Her 15 year old daughter told her that she had been sexually assaulted by the ghost. Fatimah added that her 14 year old daughter also complained of being molested by the dark apparition. The 14 year old cried and ran from the living room.

Fatimah apparently chased the Orang Minyak with a parang but the it disappeared. She suspect the apparition might have placed a charm on her family as none of her neighbours heard her daughters’ screams.

A resident of neigbouring Taman Angsana, Salleh Ghani, 56, said the residents are now on red alert. He and some friends are intending to form a patroling unit to patrol round the neighborhood.

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