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The Malay Mail has recently exposed a website promoting prostitution in Puchong and Subang Jaya. The story revealed that vice syndicates in Puchong and Subang Jaya have collaborated in promoting their services on a custom built website.

Although the tabloid hinted at but did not reveal the name of the website, it is believed that the website is Cheongster in Cantonese generally describes someone who is a "player". is apparently an online brothel. It features photos of the prostitutes available, details of their race/ nationalities, the services offered and the fees. It also lists the phone numbers of the pimps (also called "agents").

Purchasing sex services in the Klang Valley has now become as easy as placing an order with Pizza Hut or Air Asia. Cheongsters can just book online or by phone, after selecting what they want at the website.

I heard's tagline is "Now Everyone Can F***".

According to the report, the website is very popular, attracting more than 300,000 page views from not only Malaysia, but also India and Singapore.

I wonder how the Malay Mail managed to obtain the page view and visitor traffic statistics of the website, as only the website's webmaster will have access to this information. I noticed that the website does not yet have a Google Pagerank and has a very low Alexa ranking. This generally indicates that the site is relatively new and attracts very few visitors; which contrary to what the Malay Mail is claiming.

Anyway, I suspect that is currently closed for "maintenance", as when I last visited, the page was blank. However, there is another site with a similar name called Although this site is not as comprehensive in comparison, but it features cheongsters' reports - where cheongsters share their experiences with other cheongsters. It operates somewhat like an online forum.

It seems that the underground vice industry is fast assimilating itself our multimedia industry. Don't be surprised if manage to get MSC status and a "cradle grant" one day. Who knows, right ?

I also won't be shocked to learn if Ah Longs (loan sharks) and pirated DVD vendors are already promoting their businesses online.


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