Why Are Some People Different Online?

Why Are Some People Different Online ? I stumbled on this question on Yahoo Answers. And the answers by people are:

  • People online can be almost anything they want to be, because they are"hidden" by the internet. Offline, when people see each other, they form opinions on people as soon as they see them, and it's hard to think of something different when we are brought up with stereo types.

  • Because you can't read body language over the internet.

  • Online no one knows who you are. You can be anyone.

  • A chance to be something their not ,maybe they act and talk like a person they wish they would be. They might change how they think about stuff and the way they speak , to keep ur interest up . But in the end the truth always come out in the end.

  • It's because they're anonymous and unseen. In real life, you have to walk the walk, instead of just talk the talk.

I've met people that I've spoken to online and have always been surprised that underneath their tendencies to be over the top and outrageous online, they were actually genuine people who are a bit shy in person.

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