Gangsters Demand Protection Money In Desa Sri Hartamas

The Star reported recently that a restaurant in Desa Sri Hartamas suffered nearly RM100,000 in damages three men with parangs and sticks rushed in at about 11pm and started tearing the place apart, grabbing anything they could get hold of.

The report stated that a bakery in Desa Sri Hartamas was also hit and has suffered losses of over RM300,000 at the hands of thugs.
Apparently there are 3 gangs operating in the area demanding between RM500 and RM1,500 as protection money, striking fear into the businesses there.


It is surprising that an upmarket area like Desa Sri Hartamas could fall prey to gangsters seeking protection money. Usually it is in areas like Cheras, Puchong and Pandan Indah in Kuala Lumpur which typically succumb to this menace.

It would be a frightening experience if you happen to be drinking or dining at Desa Sri Hartamas and these thugs enter with weapons and start creating havoc. Losing your money and other valuables is one thing, getting injured is another.

It is also interesting to read that at this day and age certain districts in Western countries especially in Chinatowns in London, Manchester, Sydney, Manhattan, Chicago, San Francisco and Vancouver are still targets of gangsters demanding protection money from small businesses.

In London, the gangs don't attack businesses with mere parangs and sticks. It is normal for them to use handguns and AK-47 assault rifles.

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Anonymous said...

sad..sad..but true...hmm Malaysia is becoming like Manila!

winter gurl said...

Too dangerous ,
Police must do something and watch up this monkey .
cut their hand lol , you think easy to earn money , people worked hard you senang2 take d money .....go eat shit ....blek blek

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