Life Of A Chicken Thief

A 29 year-old contract worker was sentenced to 3 months jail by the Magistrate's Court for stealing a chicken from a coop in Hala Perindustrian Menglembu 13, Ipoh.

The thief , who was caught red handed 2 months ago, was given the 3 month sentence after pleading to the court for a lighter sentence as he was poor and had to support his wife and 2 young children. He said he only earned RM25 a day.

There is a high probability that this guy stole the chicken because he was very desperate at that time. Why else would he care to steal a RM5 chicken ? If he was a greedy bast*rd, he would have become a snatch thief and profit more.

In this country, if you steal a chicken worth RM5, you get 3 months jail. However, there are rumours that if you stole millions of dollars, you might get off scott free.

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