How To Be A Better Fan By Being A Better Man

Football fans, this is how to be "a better fan, by being a better man" (those who watch football on Astro would've heard this).

First, you must be a man. And men, drink beer. If you like drinking Vodka and Coke, anything else mixed with Coke, or like drinking Ribena, then you should visit here.

Okay, since I've gotten rid of the potential puss*es, let me continue with how to be a better man. Real men watch football - with beer (preferably with friends and opposing fans in the land). So don't forget; a beer in your hand, makes you a man. A bird in your hand, makes you a wanker.

This is a typical scenario of men, beer and football:

1. When your team scores a goal, celebrate by cheering as loud as possible!
Cantonese, Hokkien and Tamil varieties are also acceptable

2. Annoy your opponents by shouting insults at them - show them who's the boss !

3. While the goal sequence is replayed, bottoms up upon chanting the name of your team

4. Crack the beer can

5. Chuck the can into the (preferably metal) bin making as much noise possible

6. Repeat step 1-5 again each time your team scores

7. When the opposing team scores - shout insults, make excuses and drink more beer

Warning: The above behavior could get you into trouble either by being thrown out, beaten up, or worse....killed. This blog disclaims any responsibility for such antics, but you can always blame Beer Beer which inspired this post. So folks, if you want to learn more about drinking beer and being a man, visit Beer Beer - cause' once you're drunk, there's nothing to fear !

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