Madam Chong Lost RM150,000 To Mediums

Sin Chew Daily reported that Madam Chong, a 55 year-old retired hawker, lost RM150,000 to three mediums over the past 20 years admitted that she has been duped.

Madam Chong, sought the mediums’ advice on almost everything.

She said she paid over RM1,000 for the mediums to perform prayers annually and in 1994, she spent over RM30,000 for the mediums' prayers' to “protect” her son who was arrested for selling pirated discs. Further, when her daughter was detained by police for a week, she had paid more than RM10,000 to a medium to pray for her daughter's safety.

The ex hawker has decided to tell her story in hope that the public will not be duped by mediums.

Do you know anyone like Madam Chong ? Please comment.


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