Malaysian Girl's Virginity Is Worth RM3 Million

A 30 year-old teacher is suing her husband RM3 million over the loss of her virginity.

The teacher filed the suit at the Kuching High Court three weeks ago and also named her parents-in-law for inducing their son to breach the contract of marriage and for the humiliation and mental torture she suffered because of them.

She claimed that her husband (her then, boyfriend) persuaded her to sleep with him, promising to marry her later. She said after sleeping with him, they got registered not long after but they never went through the Chinese customary marriage rites due to objections from her parents-in-law.

In this case, although the couple legally married (registered) , the teacher is claiming that the marriage was not complete without the Chinese customary marriage rites, thus her husband (her then, boyfriend) did not fulfill his promise in return for her giving up her virginity to him.

Read the full news report here.

As far as I know, there is no legal compulsion to have the Chinese customary marriage rites, church ceremony, temple ceremony etc in addition to the registration of marriage, for a marriage to be binding. For non Muslims, the registration of marriage alone makes a marriage binding, all other customary or religious marriage rites are merely optional.

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