Sufiah Likes Being A Prostitute

Sufiah Yusof (aka Shilpa Lee), the maths genius from Oxford, who chose prostitution as a career says that she likes being a prostitute.

She told the British tabloid the News Of The World that, "People think escorting is sleazy and terrible but I don't see it like that."

"I've always had a high sex drive—and now I'm getting all the sex I want—and guys are much better in bed with an escort than a girlfriend", she was reported saying.

Sufiah who claims to have sold her body for up to £1,000 (RM6,400) a time, said that she has a nice life and the popular belief that escorts are being exploited are not true.

"My clients treat me like a princess. One guy I see in London took me shopping on Bond Street. He bought me a beautiful black Gucci dress for £700 and then took me to Selfridges and told me to pick any handbag I liked", she was quoted saying.

The tabloid reported that previously Sufiah was earning £ 16,000 (RM102,400) a year in Manchester working as an administrative assistant. She had debts of £3,500 (RM22,400) in rent arrears and credit cards.

She said she first considered being an escort after she was approached by an escort agency boss in a bar four months ago. She then went home and researched escort agencies on the internet and when she found one she thought looked professional, she sent them photographs and she was featured on their site. Sufiah then got her first client a few days later. Her first client, she said, was in his late 20s, tall and handsome - "I can't believe I'm getting paid to have sex with this man" she said.

Although she has been offered by a client to be his mistress - being given a more luxurious life, she has declined the offer: "But I don't want that because I'm happy doing what I do. Now I wonder if I could go back to a normal relationship, where you watch EastEnders and have boring sex. I've got used to being treated like a princess."

Read more here and here and watch Sufiah's video on YouTube here.

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