Fila Brasileiro, World’s Most Aggressive Dog Breed

SITIAWAN, Perak: Fila Brasileiro is a large working breed of dog developed in Brazil and recognised as one of the most aggressive dog breeds in the world.

Fila Brasileiro is an excellent guard for estates, prisons, factories and cattle farms. During the olden days, it also acted as a bulldog due to its potential aggression and outstanding courage.

Fila Brasileiros are rarely seen in Malaysia, but the breed is renowned for its faithfulness and loyalty. In fact, it is the nature of this dog to be loyal and protective to its owner and is extremely tolerant with children in the family.

Massive build

According to Wong who owns three Fila Brasileiros, the dogs are docile, obedient, loyal and loving companions to the owner. However, they can also get protective and anti-social to strangers and will attack without hesitation.

Wong added that not many people were familiar with this breed of dog and therefore not many people kept the dog in Malaysia.

Wong is the first person to have adopted Fila Brasileiro in Perak. A Fila Brasileiro can fetch more than RM3,000 because there are very few of the dogs available in this country while the demand for them is big.

Rapid growth

Lee, who also owns two Fila Brasileiro puppies, told Sin Chew Daily the dogs were very obedient and would not run around even if they were unleashed.

The Fila is not an average breed of dogs with unforgiving impetuous temperament and it requires a confident, experienced and savvy owner to be aware of the dog's innate tendencies.

Source: Sin Chew

The Fila Brasileiro is an excellent estate guardian. It does not hide its dislike towards strangers, but these dogs are not disqualified from the show ring for showing aggression to the judges. Such aversion is instinctive in Filas, so much so that the Brazilian breed standard advises judges not to touch the dog. However, the FCI standard allows for disqualification of excessively aggressive dogs, mainly when the owner doesn't have enough control to show them in public areas. The breed is renowned for their faithfulness to family and friends, but this is not a breed for everyone.

The Fila needs a confident, experienced, savvy owner who is aware of the breed's innate tendencies. Filas are not well suited to busy household which entertain many guests, as they do not interact well with strangers. The Fila is a natural guardian breed.

Filas bond strongly with their immediate families and show extreme loyalty and protectiveness towards them. They live to protect their loved ones, including children and other pets. Very few will accept strangers. Many Filas will never tolerate any stranger. Perhaps because of their aversion towards strangers, they are excellent family dogs, devoted to the children in their family.

In the New York City, United Kingdom, Israel, Denmark, Norway, Malta and Cyprus it is illegal to own any of these dogs without specific exemption from a court.

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