Toilet Bowl Restaurant

Recently, a weird restaurant by the name of the "Toilet Bowl Restaurant" has successfully caused a stir among the youngsters in Melaka. The restaurant is using real toilet bowls for its seats, and large basins as dining tables.

The person-in-charge of the restaurant, Cai Bao-er told Sin Chew Daily this was the first fun restaurant in Melaka and one of the restaurant chain's four branches nationwide.

The first T-Bowl Restaurant was set up in Penang in February 2008, followed by the another two in Sungai Wang Plaza and Sunway Pyramid.

Mistaken for a shop selling toilet bowls

Cai disclosed that the owner of the restaurant, Chen Shi-en was a young man in his 20s when he opened his first restaurant. At that time, he just wanted to set up something queer and suddenly a scene in a movie flashed past his mind of actor Anthony Wong enjoying his noodle sitting on a toilet bowl.

"Chen likes bathroom activities including soaking himself in the bathtub," said Cai.

According to Chen, using the bathroom and toilet is a daily activity of all people and this has prompted him to adopt the theme of toilet for his restaurant.

The toilets bowls used in the restaurant as seats are indeed real toilet bowls! These toilet bowls are extremely gorgeous while the basins are lovely decorated, thus successfully eliminating the foul impressions among the people. There is also a huge water pipe used as a decoration on the wall of the restaurant.

Cai said the restaurant had always been mistaken for a store selling toilet bowls.

Youngsters the main customers
she said the restaurant had managed to lure many courageous young customers to dine there when it first opened its doors in Melaka on Feb 21. And since the opening day, the restaurant has been doing very brisk business ever.

Many customers have also brought along their cameras to snap the funny decorations inside the restaurant.
Most of the restaurant's patrons are young people, and some parents would also bring along their children to enjoy the food there.


619, Jalan TMR 10, Taman Melaka Raya. (opposite post office)Tel: 06-283 0787

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darren ong said...

hahaha. this is a funny restaurant. i think its just a publicity stunt not a real business.

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