Wook Kundor's Secret To Keeping Younger Men

Wook Kundor, a 108 year old woman from Kuala Terengganu who has married numerous younger men, has a secret. She has, thus far, married 23 men.

Wook Kundor told a local daily that she has a “special massage” she learned from her ancestors. This massage is her secret weapon in keeping her numerous younger husbands from straying.

Without going into the details of the massage technique Wook Kundor says its a massage which focuses on rubbing the sensitive parts of the body.

Wook Kundor says that she uses the same massage to keep all her previous 22 husbands true to her until their deaths.

She says when her latest husband (husband no. 23) Mohd Noor Che Musa. 38, starts talking about younger women, she will start massaging him to dissuade him from thinking about them.

She said that it usually takes about an hour to complete the massage that will totally relax her partner. She also confessed that massage creates a closer bond between husband and wife.

Apart from massage, Wook Kundor also keeps all her husbands happy by cooking them delicious meals.

She also avoids nagging her husband as she believes nagging could lead to a strained relationship and an eventual break-up in the marriage.

Wook Kundor says keeping herself clean at all times and performing her daily prayers also helps strengthen a marriage.

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Anonymous said...

If only all women is like her....

Janice said...

amazing woman.

Anita said...

so thats her secret. where to learn this massage ? anyone knows ?

Anonymous said...

gila ah wook!!!ajar lah cara2 urut tuhhh

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