The Real Hitch

In the film Hitch, Will Smith plays Alex 'Hitch' Hitchens, a specialist dating guru for men who makes shitloads of money coaching successful but socially inept men find love.

Evan Katz is like Alex 'Hitch' Hitchens in real life. He is a dating coach who is "a personal trainer for people who want to fall in love" reports Agence France-Presse.

According to another dating coach, Jennifer Viemont, the people who employ the services of a dating coach are generally more educated and relatively high up on the socio-economic ladder as the fees for the dating coach relatively high.

Viemont who charges US$200 (approximately RM700) for 2 phone calls and unlimited email support for one month says that although her clients are successful in their careers, they are clueless when it comes to finding a soulmate.

Katz, whose fees are much higher Viemont, says that people who employ dating coaches have focused so much on their careers that they have ignored their emotional side of life.

A dating coach will generally start out with some questions and advice either by phone or email.

While Katz encourages his clients to meet people online, Viemont recommends that her clients meet potential mates in off-line activities, such as wine-tastings or dance classes.

Dating coaches apparently have their own, professional association,, founded a few years ago.

I don't know if there are any professional dating coaches in Malaysia, but there are hundreds of dating agencies which organise dates between their clients from their database.

There are also marriage agencies who arrange marriage partners for men with women from Vietnam. But I've not heard of any specilising in finding husbands for women.

I do not think there is a demand for dating coaches in Malaysia as singles in the higher salary scale would rather "purchase" their mates rather than spend money on being coached to find love. No matter how socially inept they are they can always buy friends and also romantic relationship.

Despite the hype about finding soulmates and true love. I think the key is having money. I know lots of women who won't admit this but their first priority is money. Most will say they like good looking, funny, caring, pet loving etc etc kind of men...but they always end up with bastards with money. This is instinctive, and since time immemorial women have gone for security first. And in today's world, money is security.

According to a recent study by Indiana University cognitive scientist Peter Todd, men go for beauty and women choose wealth and security - read this. Yes, they actually had to do a study to confirm this !

Another news report says that women prefer rich men because they are better in bed. "Rich men are powerful and successful and confident and charismatic. They know what they want, and they go out and get it. That translates to being fantastic in bed.” said a 27 year old female lawyer. The newspaper reported that science is showing that a rich man’s money has aphrodisiac qualities as well as purchasing power. read this.

However, despite the usual story of women looking to "marry up", today, there is a growing trend (at least in the US) that Men now are increasingly likely to marry wives with more education and income than they have, and the reverse is true for women - read this. Men are getting smarter. They now know that they can get hitch to a financially productive woman and have an easy life.

Really, when you cut all the bullshit...everything comes down to money. With money, a fei-chai becomes a leng-chai and a fei-por can become a leng-lui.

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Ee Ling said...

Not true ! I am quite an attractive girl and I don't go for men just for money. If I wanted to get a rich guy there are so many opportunities for me. I really believe in true love. What's the point of having a rich guy if he doesn't love you and can "love" so many others ? I rather be happy with the man I love and who loves only me.

Anonymous said...

As much as we do not like to profess, but the truth is indeed that society has gone to such despaired state.. but kudos for those who are still a believer :)

Avid Bliever'

Jennifer said...

Don't think all women go for money when looking for husbands la. These days women have their own money and don't have to depend on their husbands for financial support.

Andy said...

Life is a bitch and money makes the world go round...period.

TTK said...

IN Malaysia, Asia you need money cause the people are poor and money is security. In western countries not necessary. Everyone so money face here...

Joe said...

Girls love money. Money can buy girls. Sekarang mana leh dapat free lagi...semua kena bayar...

Alicia said...

I believe in Love

Nicholas said...
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ZZ said...

All girls love money lah. You can buy love. Those who say cannot, gimme some money and I can show you how...hahaha

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