Ubat Kuat Lelaki

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The Health Minister has advised Malaysian men against using unregistered aphrodisiacs, commonly referred to as "ubat kuat lelaki" as these products contain scheduled poisons.

Apparently most of these products sold in the market generally contain poisons like sildenafil, tadalafil and verddanafil.

The Health Minister told a local daily that these 3 drugs, normally used to treat erectile dysfunction, can only be prescribed by a doctor or registered pharmacist and misusing these poisons can lead to health problems such as heart attack, stroke, brain haemorrhage, high blood pressure, and loss of hearing and sight.

There are loads of "ubat kuat lelaki" in the market which obviously feeds the high demand for them. I've even seen advertisements pasted under a flyover.

One product is advertised as "Inilah minyak ajaib yang boleh meguatkan senjata para lelaki. Produk istimewa ini akan memulihkan tenaga batin zakar anda dan menambahkan keyakining diri anda."

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Wong said...

this minyak works but you have to buy the right one.

Ong YK said...

i got a bottle from an indonesian herbal store. seems to work. dont know if its legit.

kumar said...

yeah. indonesian pharmacy can get.

Anonymous said...

hi guys, what do you mean indonesian pharmacy, how do i locate them?

Donny Yen said...

3 star (3 bintang) herbal oil from indonesia very good for your brother. you have to rub the oil on your brother everyday for a few weeks and you can see good results.

Kevin said...

I've tried the one which has a picture of a red eagle in front. Quite good. rub it on your genitals and you will see the effect in a few days. You rod will be as strong as steel.

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