African Conmen In Malaysia

Today the Star reported that at least 200 people in the city have been conned of nearly RM10mil since early last year by Africans who entered the country on student visas.

The newspaper said that these "students" are actually conmen enrolled in local colleges under fake scholarships.

You can usually spot these Africans cruising in flashy cars and frequenting nightspots in the city.

These conmen Africans who have allegedly made their money in shady activities abroad decided to “settle down” in Malaysia keeping their money in local banks.

Once in Malaysia they continue with their illegal activities by targeting mostly single successful women who are either divorced or widowed. The victim include The victims include doctors and university lecturers, the newspaper reported.

In some cases, says the police, the victims met the conmen through social networking websites. These conmen would usually post pictures of other people, sometimes of famous models, just to get closer to the victims.

The police said that scams by Africans is the highest in the list of commercial crime cases in the city.

The police expressed concerned that despite numerous warnings, Malay­sians continue to be duped by these African conmen.

According to various news reports, many of the victims would freely give up their money after being swept off their feet by Africans who seduced them with sweet talk and promises.

For instance, a few months ago, a local Malay tabloid reported that a grandmother was wanting to divorce her crippled husband to be with her Nigerian lover despite being cheated of RM600,000 of her EPF savings.

The 58-year-old executive, known only as Sofea, told the tabloid that she loved the Nigerian so much although she knows of his shady activities.

Sofia said, “When he was in Malaysia, I knew that he saw other local women but I just couldn’t leave him despite he being accused of stealing from them."

Sofia told the daily that when she first knew the Nigerian, he would often cook her dishes from his country.

“Since then, I was crazy for him even though he was not handsome. I gave him whatever he wanted, even paying the rental for his condominium,” she said.

However, Sofea, now believes that the Nigerian had used "black magic" to put her under a charm, and she is currently seeking treatment to remedy this.

Another story by an local online newsportal involves a 44 year old divorcee Azie who works as a bank officer who was cheated her of all her money by an African.

She met the African who was 10 years younger at shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur last year and they became lovers.

The African claimed to be a student. borrowed RM3,000 from Azie only after a month knowing her. Since then, he kept asking for money and claimed that it was rental, tuition fees etc. After borrowing a total of RM80,000 from her, the African disappeared.

A few days ago there was also a news report of a mother who suspected that her missing daughter had become a drug mule for an African crime syndicate. The mother said that her daughter was frequently on Facebook and had befriended a group of African men recently.

Read more on how desperate women get conned.

What makes local women fall for the obviously dubious character of these African "students" ?

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Akinola said...

I've learned one thing living in Malaysia. Whether it is the Chinese or Malay, you meet a lot of racists. The Chinese culture has all sorts of racist terms for ethnics (especially Africans and Malays), but the Malay culture is a little better having all sorts of terms as well. It's one thing to have such terms, but another to hear them frequently used.

Anonymous said...


Yen Lee said...

Last year 6 Nigerians, who are studying at a private college here, are part of a syndicate that has been cheating foreigners into applying for non-existent jobs at DiGi through the Internet.

The syndicate would send e-mail bearing the DiGi letterhead to foreigners from Britain, Pakistan, India, Dubai and the Philippines, duping them into job vacancies in the telecommunications company. The victims were then instructed to deposit RM3,500 as processing fees including immigration, lodging and transportation.

A local woman from Puchong, believed to be the girlfriend of one of the Nigerians, had been providing the syndicate her bank account number for the deposits.

Suhaimi said...

Many Africans entering the country using student visas are middle aged men and do not look like students. They not students studying in colleges but roaming at Wawasan Puchong, Pusat Bandar Puteri bus stops and cyber cafes cheating Malaysian widows, divorcees and single mothers through various bogus scams.

Dota said...

Thanks U all for everything But i want to Let U Know That Malaysia Is The Most worst Country i have ever Been To In my Life why do u think Nigeria will Not scam U Guys ? when u dont give work to The foringner Over There in Malaysia and ur govt Take a Lot of Tex from Them expecialy Africa i want u all to Understand i am Not saying this cos i am from Africa But it Just Becouse i am saying the truth Malaysia is Ment for scam and it will be Used for scam Nothing More Untill The PM Give The forigner Job u dont Just expect them to come to Ur country and spend alot without Working Pls reason Dont Just Post comment Like a fool

Ular Sawah said...

serve these women right. these type of con jobs have been highlighted by medias zillions of times with the same modus operandi but our local women chose to be stupid and naive. no wonder africans keep coming to this country as no other country in the world has women who are this stupid.

Gilbert said...

These african conmen and the syndicates which employ them are really scum of the earth.

They prey on the weak, the desperate and the lonely.

So many families have been ruined financially and so many families have daughters languishing in jails abroad because of africans.

Many do not report for fear of being shamed and ostracised.

Shazniza said...

I was dating a nigerian and he claimed to be a businessman and he happens to be the son of a army general in abuja. Then few days in the relationship, he asked me for a RM6,000 and i asked him why. He told me that his machinery got stuck and his payment had been delayed. I don't have that much of money. Knowing that i came from a middle income family he stopped calling me after that. I gave up the idea of dating anybody and really developed a bad impression on Nigerian guys.

Derek said...

These africans are everywhere. i went to aman puri the other day. so many of them. what they really doing here ?

BigD said...

Malaysians is the BIGGEST conman. CONNED Africans to come studied here but no permission to work. College sucks but collecting fees. Who is the one conned ?

Anonymous said...

Negro and the Black should make more nice music, and that will earn them a better life. But don't let me see them f****ng around beside me i'll punch them to the floor one by one.

Anonymous said...

We understand that all malaysian big issues is on African who stay here as student or as visitor, BUT PLEASE DO NOT BLAME ALL OF AFRICAN COMERS who stay here. Only some of them is in bad attitude as Malaysian too.. If you always compare African is dangerous human in Malaysia,How about our local people here? Is it there sooo nice people and African is badddd people? Everyone in this earth was born as good human being but the time of that human was change and make them in bad path of life. You do not have right to blame that, Is from god. Me alawys watch some blog from Unhuman being local people, always blame foreign especially African, Black Man, Gagak hitam, Mat africa, Heloo Malaysian too have gagak Hitam, Black man you who ? Is our INDIAN MAN in malaysian.. not tooo bee sooo racism lah, Sampai mau compare dia orang punya warna kulit. Pasai dia oranglah abis tuhan nak dia orang berkulit hitam dan you dilahirkan kulit putih, syukurlah sikit... Lagipun wanita kita kuat nafsu, bodoh pi ikut dia orang siapa suruh? bagi duit kat african siapa suruh, dah gatal sangat, sekarang seksalah diri you tu sendiri, Bukan main lagi syok kat warga Afrika, Bukan dia orang ( African) Paksa you sangat, Tapi diri mereka yang nak sangat rasa, Lupa diri, Lupa Agama, Lupa anak - anak kat rumah, Lupa suami. Dari segi statistik, Wanita kita nie pun memang gatal sangat, Bila dah kena, Bukan main sangat nak kutuk warga Afrika.. Siapa yang buang anak kat tong sampah, tanam hidup-hidup, buat seks liar kat tangga shopping complex, masuk tangan sana, sini, pakai tudung lagi.. malulah sikit ini semua warga afrika yang buat ke? Sebelum nak comment kat blog macam ini, sedar dulu dimana rakyat kita dulu, sebelum nak serang orang lain.. Jaga budi bahasa sikitlah yea.. Some African also good people here especially Muslim African..

Anonymous said...

@Shazniza u are just a big RAM and a sucking bitch...@Derek i wish i can get ur dick head right now so you learn how to talk or rather make a good comment. Malaysia o malaysia what a you guys expect africa {NIGERIANS} to just come and spend their money without gain??? come on people why dont face the fact and stop condemning NIGERIANS. Yes NIGERIANS are not good but you should know not every NIGERIAN is bad.....I have been to malaysia and other countries and i see Malaysians as the worst people on 4ck ur self and act like humans....GOSH

Anonymous said...

Read some of the comments and they're pathetic! Not all Nigerians are con artists.. and not all Africans are Nigerians! So refer to these con syndicates as NIGERIAN or nationality specific.. and not AFRICAN! As an African, and an educated human being.. I would call someone out for stereotyping a race, or ethnicity!!

Anonymous said...

Firstly, what is the malaysian government doing about this in allowing africans who come into malaysia in the pretext of studying? Where is the control??!!...I have been to Immigration Putrajaya many times and i have seen tonnes of african applying and get their visa approved by THE GREAT MALAYSIAN IMMIGRATION ASSHOLES!....the government should have some sense and wake up!

Anonymous said...

Eldee here. look u guys condeming Nigerians stop acting like a fool. Frankly speaking i am not the type that invovle in shady business and never will,and i did not support those africans who are involved in dubious act .I am an African and likewise so many africans all over the world, they execise shady business as well in countries like UK , US, CANADA etc , i mean developed and civilized countries and they are given a lot of chances to work and move freely in this countries. Why because by this they could be closely monitored . If u check well with this countries u will found out that the percentage of crime by Nigerians is low compare to malaysia.The government has the basic skill to cum crimes but here in malaysia its zero malaysian ppl are total DUMB FOOLS that think by not giving jobs to africans is the solution.

Jerry V said...

Seen them around KL. Frightening. In the clubs they pray on fat old chicks. The most desperate.

Victor said...

African men come to malaysia and try to cheat the money from the girls, widowed, single or divorced. Because the african men has the Long Penis which was more interesting for the girls in malaysia. So it is just give and take policy( girls needs penis, man needs money). Iam not african.

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