Demand For Male Social Escorts Raising In Malaysia

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Apparently there has been a rise in the number of male escorts over the past two years in Malaysia. Read this story:

After obtaining a diploma from Bali, Gary (not his real name), 36, started work as a masseur in Kuala Lumpur. He became very popular with many of his clients, especially female patrons.

His good looks and body were a big part of the allure.

"I used to love my job as a masseur, it was fulfilling and I got to meet a lot of people. But it didn't take me long to learn that many women were not just interested in a massage, they were looking for the 'plus, plus'.

"At first it came as a shock to me, but eventually I realised that I could make a lot of money."

That was three years ago. Today, Gary owns one of the biggest escort services in town.

"I have over 60 escorts, both male and female, who work for me. When I first started the company, business was not so great. Today, I can hardly keep up with requests. For whatever reason, more and more people are looking for male escorts. I believe it could be because of Internet porn sites.

"Each of my staff gets no less than 15 calls per month. Not a day goes by without a call from a client. Many times I have to turn them down because I don't have the manpower.

"It used to be simple requests -- men wanting female escorts. But that has all changed. These days, people are getting more adventurous and imaginative.

"Currently, the trend involves couples who want escorts, for whatever reason.

"We also get a lot of business from tourists who find us through our website or have heard about us from friends."

The assumption that female clients are usually "aunties", Gary says, is far from the truth.

"You'd be surprised to know that most of our female customers are between the ages of 20 and 40. Many are very beautiful women. I'm not sure why they need an escort when they can get picked up anywhere."

For the escorts, earning a monthly five-figure salary and receiving expensive watches, he says, is the biggest attraction.

"The first thing that comes to my mind when I receive a call is, 'How much?'. It is all about the money."

Gary says the male escort industry in Malaysia is picking up fast, making room for a lot of bogus independent escorts.

"There are many men claiming they can do this and that, but many are fakes. They are just looking for free sex. When clueless women hire these escorts, they are putting themselves in danger.

"A lot of these so-called escorts advertise their services on the Internet but they have no massage skills or personality. They are spoiling the market."

With the increasing demand, Gary says, he is hoping to recruit more escorts.

"My phone has to be on all the time. I take the last call at 3am. Many women contact us the moment their husbands leave. 'Hotel ABC, Room 308, Ms. X', those are the messages that pop-up on my phone throughout the day."

But not all male escorts are doing well. Some of the "small fish" are struggling to stay alive.

David (not his real name), 21, is one of them.

"I'm a foreign student in a Malaysian university, trying to find the money to complete my studies. While surfing the Internet, I discovered that I could earn quite a bit of money being a social escort. I decided to give it a try.

"I offered my services on every expatriate website I could find. I wasn't sure what to advertise at first, but there were many examples to follow. It was as if I was trying to sell a product.

"It's only been four months since my first post and I've already had three clients. All of them were housewives in their 30s.

"I don't specify an amount, but the usual fee is RM300 for two hours. The money is just enough for taxi fare and groceries.

"On a good day, you'll get a client who wants you to spend the night and follow her to dinner, that would cost around RM1,500. But, that rarely happens.

"Business has been slow and I'm looking for that 'one' lady who will be able to support me. I don't mind being exclusive to her, as long as she can pay for some of my expenses until I complete my studies. It's difficult because many women don't want that commitment.

"I can't afford to have a girlfriend right now as I'm sure she won't allow me to be an escort."

David says his family would be devastated if they knew what he did.

Brian (not his real name), 24, is in the same boat.

"I'm a part-time gigolo. The response has been slow, as the competition is getting tougher. We have to be unique to get noticed.

"So far, my clients have been couples who are looking to spice up their marriages. Many clients invite me into their home and we talk a little before they lead me to the bedroom."

He says there has to be some level of trust, if one wants to be in the escort industry.

"It's not 100 per cent safe, as many things could go wrong. As much as the client is wary about me, I'm also worried about what might happen in their home. They could be the police or thieves.

"But if I worry about everything that could go wrong, I wouldn't be able to be an escort. I don't tell my clients how much I want. Whatever they give, it is a 'gift'. They normally pay around RM350 for a session."

And, the issue of safety?

"I go for a medical check-up every two months to protect myself. But if a client has a sexually transmitted disease, how would I know?

"That's the main reason I don't plan on being an escort forever. Eventually, I want to get my hotel management degree and settle down," he says. operator, Daniel Richter, has been a gigolo for more than six years and manages a popular international male escort service website.

"I started when I was at university, just for fun and money. Now, it has been for more than six years and I'm still loving it.

"Money is important and ultimately you need to get paid for your services, otherwise it turns into a relationship and this is something we don't want.

"But the main point is having fun. Where else can you get money for making women happy?" he says.

And, who are these happy women?

"It depends. Usually nice women who are quite busy. Sometimes you are hired by two or three teenage girls who just want to have a private party. But most of the time, it's middle-aged women who just want someone to listen to them."

Richter also enjoys being a gigolo because of the challenges involved, which he finds stimulating.

"My full-time job is being a tax adviser. Being a gigolo is rather a kind of a 'sport discipline'. To be attractive and to attract the woman client is challenging because they do not want to hire just a 'body'. They are looking for an attractive and interesting man, which you need to prove you are.

"I don't see any problem with that, as long as it's done on a part-time basis. You get a fixed salary from your day-job and make some good money from having fun. That is the point of all this."

Source: NST

There is also an article 2 years ago about Malaysian women paying for sexual services. And last year we learn about Toy boy clubs or Tai Tai clubs mushrooming in Singapore where older women purchase the services of younger men.

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