Singapore's Toy Boy Clubs For The Tai Tai

Toy boy clubs or Tai Tai clubs are mushrooming in Singapore presumably taking advantage of the growing demand by rich liberated older women for younger men.

There are news reports recently of some well heeled Singaporean women spending hundreds of dollars each night to flirt with toy boys at
KTV clubs catering specially for women.

Apparently there are approximately 15 such clubs that have sprouted in Singapore, most of which only opened last year in Katong, Jalan Besar, Shenton Way and Tanjong Pagar in the republic.

Young, handsome, athletic men sing, dance and cuddle up with the Tai Tai (rich married women) at these Tai Tai clubs and make them feel like royalty.

The women interviewed were married with children and claim to be happily married to their rich husbands. Most say that flirting with these young men makes them feel young, attractive and desirable. It is really sad to learn that these rich mature women have to purchase affection and attention from young men who are obviously only working for the money.

At these toy boy clubs, like its typically girlie KTV counterpart, stage entertainment is part of the offering. But unlike the normal Karaoke clubs, young male hosts parade the stage instead of female hostesses. Every 2 hours, between 2o to 30 Asian males from China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore take turns to parade themselves on the stage to customers, akin to a horse auction.

While these male hosts sing and dance on stage, customers "bid" for these toy boys by buying flower garlands or shahes for them - a garlands of plastic flowers cost between $30 (RM70) to $80 (RM190). Sashes start from $100 (RM240) and can go up over $1,000 (RM2,400) each.

These clubs sell a fantasy to neglected rich mature women at a very high price. A customer claimed that the bill for about 3 hours of chatting, light petting, 2 bowls of dessert and 4 cocktails cost about S$300 (RM720).

According to rumours, regular customers spend an average of $1,500 (RM3,600) each night at these toy boy clubs. The more service a customer wants, the more she has to pay. It cost $150 (RM360) per hour for a male host to escort the customer out of the premises for "private chats" or supper.

Although there are no overtly vulgar activities in the club premises, it is understood that sexual services can be privately arranged between the male host and the customer outside the club.

While there are generally no similar toy boy clubs in Kuala Lumpur as yet, it is known that well heeled Malaysian women do organise their own private "hen's party" in hotels among close friends and aquintences where male escorts are hired to entertain them.

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