Boy Loses RM8mil In Gambling

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A 19 year old boy lost a total RM8 million within 3 years gambling online. The boy who is a millionaire's son started gambling since he was 16 reported the Star.

The teenager allegedly learned this habit from his father’s and ended up losing millions in football bets over the Internet.

He was such a big gambler that he came to be known as the "Little Dragon".

Apparently the boy started to gamble after gambling agents gave him a RM100,000 credit line. Each time he lost money, his father would pay off his debts. Over three years, his father has bailed him out several times.

The boy who was pursuing an Australian degree programme at a local college had on many occasions used college fees to settle his debts and extend his line of credit with the bookies.

Agents for bookies solicited bets from teenagers from rich families. These agents would go to expensive private colleges looking for students from rich families as customers.

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