Blu-Ray Movies Is A Fast Growing Trend

According to news reports the sale of  Blu-Ray discs are improving as high-definition TVs (HDTV) and  Blu-Ray players getting cheaper. The astute movie pirates also cashing in on this latest trend.They have been anxiously waiting for this since a few years ago.

HDTVs - LCDs, Plasma and now LED screens are very much cheaper now compared to its introduction several years ago. A 42-inch branded LCD now sells at approximately RM2,500 per unit. This would cost about RM8,000 about 5 years ago.

Blu-Ray players are also cheap these days. Players are now sold as low as RM500 compared to RM2,000 few years ago.

Many legitimate and illegitimate video shops are already having a special section just for Blu-Ray titles. 

An original Blu-Ray disc is priced at between RM89 and RM169 while the pirated  Blu-Ray discs are sold at between RM30 and RM40. This is still comparatively more costly to paying RM19 to RM39 for original DVDs, and RM5 to RM10 for pirated DVDs.

The home movie trend is going Blu-Ray. Many movie studios have already announced the release of new films on Blu-Ray, and old titles being remastered into Blu-Ray format.

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